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“Jamaican Memories by the Score



Dwight Pinkney is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the most gifted reggae guitarists in the world today. His work is a perfect synthesis of sensitivity and timing, feeling and precision. The balance is almost impossible to maintain, but for Dwight, it comes naturally.

Kathy Hann - Canadian Music Critic


Dwight Pinkney and ZAP-POW Band backed Canadian born artiste, Anne Murray on a special filmed in Jamaica in 1978. Dwight 'Brother Dee' Pinkney is at his creative and innovative best with nothing but hard-hitting guitar playing on this 20 track CD.

Junior Francis (Musicologist) - Reggae Nucleus Magazine


After 30 years producing Jamaican music behind the scenes, guitarist Dwight Pinkney exposes his true talent in a recently released instrumental CD “Jamaican Memories by the Score.”

The Star (Jamaica) - Saturday, January 22, 2000


Pinkney goes it alone on Memories. "It was a lot of sleepless nights but we didn't stop until we got it right."

Howard Campbell - Entertainment Editor, Jamaica Observer – November 8, 1999


"This album is going to ensure Dwight Pinkney immortality by introducing Dwight Pinkney to the rest of the world."

Winston Blake of Merritone Disco


Because this is a classic guitar instrumental CD, it has great advantages and sales potential as it crosses the language, class, colour and creed barriers. It is genuine musical expression - no gimmickry.

Music Reporter - Jamaica Observer


Dwight Pinkney's CD, “Jamaican Memories by the Score”, contains an unblemished interpretation of the rich history of Jamaican music.

Karyl Walker, X News – November 24-30, 1999


Dwight Pinkney - one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets.

Jamaica Sunday Herald


Cousin Dwight, I love your CD “Jamaican Memories by the Score”, and I am very impressed and satisfied with your progress. Keep on doing it Brother.

Earnest Ranglin, OD


Dwight Pinkney’s CD is authentic reggae music and it keeps running in my CD player because it has no substitute.

Bunny Wailer - Musician


Music like Dwight Pinkney's “Jamaican Memories by the Score is what the Jamaican music industry needs, not only to remind us of Jamaica’s rich musical heritage, but also to propel us forward.

Desi Young - President, Jamaica Federation of Music


Dwight Pinkney's “Jamaican Memories by the Score” is a very well put together CD. It is like a breath of fresh air.

Dermott Hussey - Musicologist


Congratulations to Dwight Pinkney for being brave enough to put back some music in the business.

Sony Bradshaw OD - Musician


Jamaican Memories by the Score has been on permanent rotation at my house since I got it…soothes inner tension and massages ear cavities…

Chuck Foster - Music Critic, California, USA


Dwight Pinkney's “Jamaican Memories by the Score.” Nominated in category of best instrumental album for annual awards ceremony in Florida, April 15, 2000.

Reggae-Soca Music Awards Organisation (Organizer – Winsome Charlton)


Jamaican Memories by the Score” by Dwight Pinkney is a concert hall performance that even Carnegie Hall would be proud to present.

Howard Duperly – Music Editor, Caribbean Today Florida, USA


All the who’s who of the Jamaican music fraternity descended upon the Hilton Kingston Hotel recently to celebrate the launch of Dwight Pinkney's CD Jamaican Memories by the Score.

The Daily Gleaner


Dwight Pinkney’s debut CD “Jamaican Memories by the Score lands him on BET on JAZZ ‘Jazz in the Sun’ series shot on location in Negril Jamaica


Jamaican Memories by the Score” by Dwight Pinkney is a unique CD in that it manages to sound both modern and timeless. The songs are crisp and tight and are given their proper space to live and breathe.

Jim Dooley - UK Webpage Small All 2000


Dwight Pinkney is at his creative and innovative best with nothing but hard hitting guitar playing on this new 20 track CD “Jamaican Memories by the Score.”

Junior Francis - Reggae Nucleus


There is no way any self-respecting music fan’s collection should be without this new CD Jamaican Memories by the Score by Dwight Pinkney

Viewers of the cable channel BET on JAZZ will be able to see Jamaican musician Dwight Pinkney perform when the special ‘ Jazz in the Sun’, produced by Lukee Chong of Frame by Frame begins airing in the US this spring.

Sunday Gleaner, March 5


The guitar style of Dwight Pinkney has been an integral part of Jamaican music since the earliest years of Ska. His new release, “Jamaican Memories by the Score” is a must have for all music lovers.

Michael Barnett - X News, Reggae Rules


Making good music comes naturally for Dwight Pinkney. He brings his class to the fore on his new CD “Jamaican Memories by the Score” The 5½inch diskette contains a flawless expression of the history of Jamaican music.

Andrew Clunis - Sunday Gleaner – January 23, 2000


Dwight Pinkney’s new CD “Jamaican Memories by the Score is good stuff, a necessary reminder that good music never went away.

Winston Barnes (Disc Jock)—Florida, USA